Supermom's life

Welcome to my blog page! It is a new one and it is still empty but soon there will be lots of posts and information on different topics here.

What moms or moms-to-be are usually interested in? Everything related to their babies, toddlers or children in older age - early child education, children?s room organization, child activities and daily regime, toys and books suitable for toddlers, baby's safety, healthy and delicious food for the whole family, how to save time and stay focused in order to finish every task for the day, ways for relaxation at home, stress releasing activities, where to find inspiration and creativity while staying home on maternity leave... You could continue the list. It could be endless.

I will try to cover some (or most) of these topics, using my own experience and the knowledge that I gain for the last several years. I've learned a lot and I feel the need to share it with those who are new on the path of being a mom or those who simply don't have the time to read tons of books or pages just to find the answer of a simple question. Like «Why my baby is crying?», «Why he's gaining that much/not gaining enough kilos», «How much food he/she needs to eat in a day?» or «What a trolley/bed/food chair will be best for him/her?». I myself asked those questions (and continue to search for answers on new ones) and I know how exhausting and time-consuming such a process could be. So I simply would give you an example on how I manage with such things and what I have personally experienced. I will try to be specific, informative and fair enough so that my posts be useful for you.

I am a mother of a toddler and our boy is the best thing that happened in our family, a miracle and a gift for me and my husband. Several years ago I was an overstressed, exhausted, self-focused, a financial office workaholic. Now I am a happy wife and mom, much more calmed, relaxed and family-focused. This took me a lot of time and energy but it worth the price. Someday I may share with you my story ? it is not an ordinary one.

Am I a Supermom? Maybe only in the eyes of my husband. But I'm trying to be and I believe this is what every mother is going on to. Actually, probably we are all supermoms already ? with giving birth and raising children in this changing world.

So I welcome all the supermoms (and superdads also) on my blog ? to read, comment and share some information, knowledge and tricks that might be useful to each of us.

Stay tuned!